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The Kalamazoo Black Male Alliance is a group who work to improve the quality of life for Black men and boys in the community. The KBMA was founded by a group of likeminded professionals who wanted to create a safe space for Black men to share their experiences and discuss solutions to the challenges they face. We connect regularly in a variety of venues and host special events throughout the year to promote education, entrepreneurship, and positive social interaction.

We believe communities are built one interaction at a time.

We provide spaces, opportunities, and activities where an intergenerational group of Black men can come together, educate one another, and foster a welcoming environment for both young and old.

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Cultural Programs

The Kalamazoo Black Male Alliance offers a variety of cultural programs that aim to address the unique challenges that Black men face through Kalamazoo. Our programs provide opportunities for Black males to come together, network, and learn from one another. Some of the benefits of these programs include increased self-confidence, improved communication skills, and better problem-solving skills.

Educational Programs

The KBMA provides interactive, educational program aimed at building, identifying, and developing the strengths and social emotional skills of participants supported by an alliance of Black males across Kalamazoo that is facilitated by the KBMA. This initiative aims to build rapport between the adults that serve and support these students during in-school and out-of-school time while developing connections that will result in strong community bonds.


We believe community is important, and we want you to be a part of ours. Our networking events provide Black males with an opportunity to come together and learn from one another. These events allow participants to share their experiences and learn about the accomplishments and even the challenges that other Black males in the area have overcome.

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