What We Offer


We believe that the KZOOBMA programming provides spaces, opportunities, and activities where an intergenerational group of Black men can come together, educate one another, and foster a welcoming environment for both young and old.

Black Male Wellness

We know your mental wellness is of importance to you, your family, and the community. Join local brothers for a discussion around our mental health where we look to promote a self and communal wellness experience.

Books Between Brothers

It is a meeting space for brothers of all walks of life to get together to discuss the themes and topics that arise from collectively reading books with peers. Here we foster an environment where a wide range of topics can be discussed and we tackle issues that men face on a daily basis. 

The Chop

The Chop brings speakers to the group that give talks on motivation, inspiration, or overcoming adversity to help us take action and see new perspectives. We look for our speakers to connect with our community on an emotional and/or mental level to help us progress individually, professional or for our own personal change.


The KZOOBMA houses some of Kalamazoo's most talented individuals capable of providing assistance on various platforms. Together these professional black men use their skills and talents to service the community. Contact us for additional info.

Programming Consulting

We provide assistance to organizations that look to improve, build, implement, etc. programming focused on Black males.


We believe that our future lies with our youth and need our Black men to support their complete development to change our outcome. 

Technical Assistance and Training

We provide technical assistance to organizations seeking to support Black men and boys in Kalamazoo.  We also offer training and workshops surrounding these efforts. 

Research and Data Evaluation

Not only do we collect the data that reflects Black Males in Kalamazoo, we evaluate and synthesize the information to use for our community.